A Mindful Mentality

boof monash lss
Pictured with Boof, the Monash Law Student Society’s therapy and wellbeing dog

With exams only two weeks away, the Law Library is crammed to capacity. I’m seated in the silent study area catching up on lecture recordings and shuffling through my Administrative Law notes. In the adjacent cubicles, students are at their desks frantically copying notes from textbooks and typing away furiously at their keyboards. It’s another typical day at law school, although the tension and cut-throat atmosphere seems to be running higher than usual with finals, assignment deadlines and clerkship applications looming into view. Fortunately enough, and highly uncharacteristic of my usual self, I’m handling my stress levels relatively well this semester.  Continue reading “A Mindful Mentality”


A rose by any other name

a rose by any other nameCirca 2010.

We were standing in front of the Birth Deaths and Marriages registry on Collins Street, my mother and I, on a gloomy day typical of a Melbourne winter. Located somewhere in that building was my way out. For the first time in the entire 13 years of my life, the opportune moment had presented itself to me: a ticket straight out of one of my biggest insecurities at the time – my own name.

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The Struggles of a Commuter Student

architecture-city-commute-1769337One constant has remained eerily static throughout my time at university – save when I studied abroad, I’ve endured a ridiculously mind numbing 45 minute (if traffic conditions permit) bus ride to and from uni every day. Between 90-120 minutes of my day is typically spent getting to and from university itself. Fun fact: the initial idea and draft of this post was conceived and written during my regular bus journey to university.

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My summer at Deloitte

Deloitte building
If you’d told me six months ago that I would be interning at Deloitte over the summer, I’d have told you you were crazy. For a university student without much work experience, it felt like I had hit gold. I had spent much of the early years of my degree coveting a highly sought after position at the Big Four – and after a cut throat competitive process of internship hunting for months on end landing an offer felt like a grand achievement.

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