The Struggles of a Commuter Student

architecture-city-commute-1769337One constant has remained eerily static throughout my time at university – save when I studied abroad, I’ve endured a ridiculously mind numbing 45 minute (if traffic conditions permit) bus ride to and from uni every day. Between 90-120 minutes of my day is typically spent getting to and from university itself. Fun fact: the initial idea and draft of this post was conceived and written during my regular bus journey to university.

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My summer at Deloitte

Deloitte building
If you’d told me six months ago that I would be interning at Deloitte over the summer, I’d have told you you were crazy. For a university student without much work experience, it felt like I had hit gold. I had spent much of the early years of my degree coveting a highly sought after position at the Big Four – and after a cut throat competitive process of internship hunting for months on end landing an offer felt like a grand achievement.

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Hello Sydney!

20181224_105455Prior to my recent trip in Sydney, I don’t remember the last time I was a tourist in my own country. There seems to be a tendency among people (at least quite a few I’ve talked to!) to associate their own country as “home” rather than a potential vacation destination. However, sometimes the best trips can be done without travelling huge distances – in this case, Sydney proved to be exactly the break I needed. While most of my previous travels have been international, I’m slowly becoming more open minded about what constitutes ‘travel’. I made a goal in recent years to do more interstate and local travel, and Sydney was top of my list – and I’m happy I managed to tackle it right before 2018 ended!

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Wardrobe Minimalism | My Declutter Journey

Dyb9REmV4AE6rK4.jpgI used to dread opening my wardrobe. I’m not exaggerating in any capacity. Opening up my closet meant I had to face the nightmare within – that is, the flood of clothing that would inevitably follow, mountain upon mountain of barely worn clothing that I had outgrown over the years yet I refused to throw out for whatever inexplicable reason.

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