Clerkship Conundrum

law-legal-clerkshipsWith holiday season rapidly approaching, many law students across Australia will be embarking on seasonal clerkships and vacation placements to enhance their chances of securing graduate employment after law school. Seasonal clerkships, also known as vacation scheme programs or legal internships, are short periods of employment (typically 3-4 weeks, sometimes up to several months depending on state) with a law firm or government legal department and allow law students to gain relevant legal experience and firms to conduct an ‘extended interview’ to decide on how to allocate graduate offers.

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Reflection: My Exchange Semester

louvre-parisIn September 2017, I embarked on one helluva adventure, which involved me flying halfway across the globe to Sheffield, UK to start my exchange semester at the University of Sheffield. Looking retrospectively, choosing to study abroad was one of the best decisions I had ever made for myself and allowed me to step out of my comfort zone and push my self to experience a whole new world of adventure, travel, friendship and new cultures. It feels surreal to think that it has already been a year since I left home – I know its a little overdue, but I still want to reflect on all the amazing things I got to achieve and experience while abroad!

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A new beginning: Etymology

Dresden, Germany

Welcome to Balance of Possibility! I’ve noticed that the first post is usually the hardest to write up, at least for me, because I almost feel a sense of obligation to explain myself and set the tone for the rest of my posts to follow.

I guess before the usual content starts flowing in, I should give a bit of insight as to what this space is and try to include some humour while I’m at it!

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